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Rent a boat in Halkidiki – On Waves Boat Rental

On Waves: Your Ultimate Boating Adventure in Halkidiki, Greece

Established in 2018, On Waves is the premier boat rental company in Vourvourou, Halkidiki. Founded by a group of passionate boaters who love sharing the beauty of the Halkidiki region with others, On Waves has quickly become a leader in the boat rental industry.

Our fleet of brand-new, state-of-the-art boats is equipped with the latest safety features and amenities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a first-time boater, our experienced and friendly staff will provide you with the personalized attention and support you need to make your boat rental a truly unforgettable experience.

Vourvourou is the ideal place to rent a boat in Halkidiki. With its stunning coastline, crystal-clear waters, and sheltered bays, Vourvourou offers something for everyone. From exploring the hidden coves of Diaporos Island to swimming in the Blue Lagoon, there’s no shortage of amazing things to see and do in Vourvourou.

At On Waves, safety is our top priority. That’s why we offer a comprehensive safety briefing before every rental, and we only use the highest quality safety equipment. Our boats are also regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that they are in top condition.

We also offer a variety of additional services to make your boat rental experience as enjoyable as possible, including:

  • Guided boat trips
  • Transfers – Taxi service
  • Life jackets and other safety equipment
  • Snorkeling gear rental

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible boat rental experience. That’s why we offer competitive rates, flexible rental options, and personalized service.

Book today and experience the magic of Halkidiki from the water!

Why Choose On Waves?

  • Brand-new, fully-equipped boats
  • Experienced and friendly staff
  • Competitive rates
  • Flexible rental options
  • Personalized service
  • Unmatched commitment to safety
  • Variety of additional services, including guided boat trips, transfers – taxi service, and more

Contact us today to book your boat rental and experience the magic of Halkidiki from the water!

Dimosthenis Ganiatsas
Dimosthenis Ganiatsas
Incredible experience!!! One of the best days I’ve had on my holidays in Greece last summer. The team at On Waves are friendly and kind. They explain everything you need to know about the boat and the area you can explore thoroughly. All these at a great price too. This is a must if you visiting Halkidiki!!
Maria Andriopoulou
Maria Andriopoulou
Μοναδική εμπειρία !!!
Ήταν η πρώτη φορά που πήρα βόλτα σκάφος!η επικοινωνία ήταν άψογη, η κοπέλα εξυπηρετικότατη και πολλές γνώσεις και ορεξη να μας «εγκληματήσει» στον κόσμο της οδήγησης σκάφους!υστερα από τις σχετικές και κατατοπιστικές οδηγίες της, πήραμε με την κοπέλα μου μια βάρκα και η μοναδικη και ανεπανάληπτη βόλτα μας ξεκίνησε….έχω να πω ότι, αν και αρχάριος στην οδήγηση σκάφους, ήταν πανεύκολο αλλα και συναρπαστικό!η διαδρομή που μας σύστησαν ήταν τελεια και ο περίπλους του διαπορου μοναδικός! 10 με πααααρα πολλούς τόνους σε ολα! Υ.Γ. Θα το ξανακάνω σίγουρα👍
Φανης Τεντης
Φανης Τεντης
Γεια σας και,απο μενα ειμαι απο Βολο πηγα διακοπες Χαλκιδικη 2* ποδι και επισκεφτηκα Βουρβουρου ενοικιασα ταχυπλοο απο την εταιρια αυτη, ειναι παρα πολυ καλη και,εχει ωραια βαρκακια να ενοικιασεις μιση μερα με παρεα και να κανετε βολτες να δειτε τις παραλιες!Το αφεντικο που γνωρισαμε τον λενε Αρη πολυ καλος ευγενικος να μας βοηθησει να μας δειξει περι βαρκας προτεινω,ανεπιφυλακτα και καλες τιμες!
Debora Ivanova
Debora Ivanova
We had an absolute blast! Aris is amazing! Easy and clear instructions, stunning views, luxurious boat, it was a dream ✨ Definitely going back 🤎
Simon Hilmer
Simon Hilmer
Super Service, hervorragende Kommunikation vorab über WhatsApp mit Videos, die alles erklären. Boot top, es hat richtig Spaß gemacht!
Kata Budapest tour guide
Kata Budapest tour guide
It was most enjoyable. Aris is such a great instructor, He tells you exactly What to do and How to drive the boat. Our boat was perfect. Discovered super unique beaches around the Diaporos island. Already missing the feeling. A must do experience!
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